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From Revelation 13:16-17 

Written by Øystein Gaulin, Norway

Translated by Geofrey Mwatela, Kenya


We live in a world that moves very fast in relation to development. Computer technology has really made its full accession and things that were impossible years back are today very much possible. From a PC, tablet or phone, we currently have access to virtually all the world’s information. With a few keystrokes, we can read newspapers and retrieve information from any location on the globe and it all happens in seconds. 

In this article, we will look at what the Bible says about our time. You may wonder why «The Bible?  Yes, the Bible is another book which unfortunately is despised by many people but it contains truths that we should think more about it. You might say you do not have time bothering yourself to read about this. But I want to urge you to spare your time and read this. I assure you, you will be quite amazed at what the Bible says about what we are experience in today’s society, with the introduction of a new monetary system and where its leading us to. 

Globally, it has brought something scary that every man should put himself into. Today its spoken openly about implantation of a chip in physical human body. This has made people  to willingly participate in research projects concerning the same. This will be discussed later in the article. If you see the Bible as a «storybook» it means that you do not know the importantance of its content. In this 21st century, most people and especially in the western world  think that they are the «gold standard» for everything. 

Some facts concerning our time

According to a small experiment I did while writting this article showed that in less than one second, I could get a newspaper «The New York Times’. The web is flooded with information both good and evil, and there is no limits to what you can find online. Its now obvious that, web has taken more control of our daily life. Also the governing authorities envisages that it will soon be impossible to exist without having access to the net. Examples include :- banking, E-mail services, orders and more. 

Other examples are uploading and downloading services, information databases, newspapers, magazines, maps, photographs, film and much more. YouTube only has over a billion users, which is equivalent to almost a third of all who use the internet. Research shows that from 2006, every day people upload hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube and generate billions of views. Globally, it is estimated that there are approximately 3.5 billion people who have access to and use the internet. 

With the pace to which YouTube is growing, it becomes difficult to deal with numbers. Apparently, it should take approximately 400 years for a person to go through all the videos on YouTube at a constant view. It is therefore impossible for a man to see everything within a lifetime, even if you sit infront of the screen immediately after you are born until you die. This speaks volumes concerning the quantity available. 

In addition, there are soo many chatting sites where present ly, one can talk to people from all over the world. People are able to see each other and exchange news and other information. All this happens at a lightning speed. All in all, one can say that the internet is flooded with all sorts of information. It is only your imagination that limits what is published online. 

Research also reveals that 12 percent of all the world’s web sites information is pornography. Every second used, approximately 3000 US dollars is spent on porn. This industry has an annual turnover of almost 5 billion dollars on the internet. (Ie approximately 40 billion Norwegian kroner). Furthermore, it  is visited116 000 times a day by children . One may wonder how will this end? When one thinks of  this, it can both be scaring and frightening, especially with regard to the future and all children who grow up in such a world. The Bible says, what you sow is what you will reap.  

Some Information about science 

Science has been of great help because it has brought  knowledge. It has been of great help to humanity and we appreciate so much. Without knowledge we could not have moved even an inch. Knowledge is power and once one has it,it controls everything. 

The modern world puts its trust in wisdom and knowledge and through it, we believe that we are unique and can  do everything. Then, one may wonder what is science? Remember that all research carried out by researchers launches theories or hypotheses to explain phenomena. These theories and hypotheses are tested against observations. If the theory can explain the observations, the theory is strengthened, if the observations contradict the theory, the theory is rejected or modified. 

Truly speaking, nothing is said to be scientifically proven. So far, no observations found which disproves the theory. Therefore do not claim that scientists possess «truth» in perpetuity. But  according to them, Science is the most credible and  knowledge that is free from contradiction in their field. Read more about this on Wikipedia. 

The world and the universe are so far more than what we can see or experience and we will not believe anything other than what we can explain from a so-called scientific standpoint. Such an attitude reveals how little we can do and understand. The truth is that we understand very little of it all. 

Biblical perspective 

When we know that the Bible is a book that contains 66 books, and has been written over a period of around 800 years by many different people, inspired by God, then it is very remarkable that it speaks of a monetary fixed (cashless) society that should rise in the end times. If you do not believe or understand this, I would advise you to read the book of Revelation 13:16-17 . It says that, sometimes in the future, we will not be able to buy or sell without having a mark on our right hand or on the forehead. What then is this brand? This is the beast mark and it will be characterized by number 666. The animal = Antichrist personified. He also referred to as the son of perdition and liar. 

A few years ago, such a marking system was unimaginable and one could not understand that this might be technologically possible. Today we have developed systems that make this possible. Currently it is only ethical reasons why this has not been adopted, but this will be implemented in the future. Within the animal world, marking systems are already in use and it is already being tested on humans. Have you heard about the «microchip» or «RFID implants» or for that matter nano-chip? 

A simple search in Google for the term «microchip» reveals that this is very relevant in time. If you Google the word you get over 26 million hints. The fact that this is something that will come in the near future is beyond doubt. You can read more about this on Wikipedia on this link:   

It also becomes more and more common to hear about the marking system on our news channels, A Microchip is like the size of a grain of rice and can contain very much information. It can be programmed to carry everything. It can provide information about your health condition and it can easily be developed to be used as a method of payment. The system sneaks in to us without us realising it. Everything goes so gradually and precisely, it is very dangerous. Everything is portrayed as positive. This microchip can be easily implanted physically in man. 

Click here 

Arguments already used to introduce such a system are: it becomes difficult for criminals to carry out their infamous activities. One can crack down on drug dealers, tax evaders, terrorists and money launderers. No need to remember all the passwords that we constantly are faced with. No need to carry a passport to travel. You carry credentials constant with you. You just go through scanning and then it’s all done. You stretch out your hand to pay when you get to the checkout and it all sounds so nice. And last but not least, it’s so profitable, purely economic – society will save a lot of money on such a system. 

The back of the medal we do not get served. Such a microchip will also be easily adjustable to a monitoring system so that (big brother) at any time can accompany you to see exactly where you are. But the most frightening about this is that the devil is behind that attempt to get you to end in hell. If you want to read more about such a chip, click through this link:

Google also does research on the so-called nonopartikler as men to swallow. 

Nanoparticles measures a thousand of the width of a red blood cell, and when the particles are released from the pill into the body,  they will seek out and attach to cells, proteins or molecules from the properties they have. These properties can be designed so they can capture all sorts of changes in the biochemistry of the body. Read more about this here. Also remember that this is a technology that is developed by a small insignificant company located somewhere. The system developed by giants  is about to rule the world soon whether we like to or not. 

Do not miss this link: This describes the stepwise adaptation to the system and eventually it will be impossible to live  in a society without this technology and marking systems. The description on the website is taken directly from the Revelation in the Bible.   

If you do not see and believe that this is a part of the fulfillment of the prophetic word, you can actually ask what it takes dear friends who are reading this. When you read this, kindly relate to what you are reading. Do not follow human masses, but consider this based on what the Bible says in Revelation. 

The Bible warns strongly against taking the beast. If you do so, you are forever sold to the devil and eternal destruction. See the book of Revelation 14: 9-13. In the future, this system will be introduced by force, either you follow the Antichrist (beast) or deny what he stands for. See Revelation 13: 16-18. Those who will refuse will eventually suffer martyrdom. 

People will eventually begin to worship the beast because they are impressed by what he does. Read more about this in Revelation 13: 3-5. The Bible says that this person (the Antichrist) shall show great signs and wonders, and the earth shall wonder and follow the beast (Antichrist) and ultimately end up worshipping him because of the marvelous things he does. (Quote: All the world marveled at the beast and followed it. They worshiped the dragon because he gave his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, «Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?) 

The Bible also speaks of the «great whore» who originates from Babylon, but that has existed ever since Babel time and that ends up with a close connection to the papacy in Rome. When John in Revelation saw her and knew who she represents he marveled greatly. Why he did  wonder? Because she – which many considered orthodox – here stands as a symbol of apostasy and false Christianity. I will in a later article come back to this. 

For those who are awake and supplied in time, I would like to say that the microchip we are now seeing and computer technology is a preparation and an adaptation to what will come. We are experiencing a gradual habituation to this system and it is so easily done , «this is so dangerous»? Did you know that the right national congress in January 2017 was decided that Norway should be a cashless society by 2030? – See this link: 

Although this has not been adopted by Parliament, it is clear that our politicians adds up to a cashless society. Similarly, you can find in many other countries. Having said this, I will add that as the author of this article, am not the first to come with doomsday prophecies when things happen. I look at myself as a pretty down to earth person, but what is happening now can hardly be seen in any other way than that described in the book of Revelation. 

Dear reader: I am not claiming that this is the beast, but my purpose in this article is to make as many people as possible to know what is written in the book of Revelation about the «mark of the beast» and have each one reading to compare it with the data technology described in this article and who is about to take our society. Are you honest with yourself, I think you must admit that this is very close to what you read in the book of Revelation. See Chapter 13, verses 16 and 17. What happens seems to be clear evidence that the Bible’s warnings about the mark of the beast must be taken seriously. 

One may then wonder when it will make its full accession. No later than today (02/01/17) I read this article online, click here. The article you can see how positive this is manufactured. It is referred to as a new and exciting technology. 

It’s highlighted one positivity after the other, but «medal» back it says nothing about. Just imagine if this comes in a mad man’s hands? Imagine a situation where almost all people implanting this in their body parts, with today’s debit and credit cards and cash is gone? Looking at the dangers could result if a crazed megalomaniac control this? Such a system could force the entire society to its knees in a short time. The Bible clearly states that this will one day become a reality. 

What we are experiencing is an insidious adaptation to this system and it is a preparation for what is to come. Everything be facilitated. It has been so instilled in us that all data should be recorded. Virtually all punches into large databases, be it names, addresses, personal circumstances and all you can list down. It is an invisible force that drives us forward to do this. What is it that ehich drives us? We follow the masses and we cannot stop this. Why? because it is a preparation for antichrist’s coming and the beast. When he comes, everything is ready to use the system and ultimately induce this to people and fully control with power. It is so easy to think, if everybody else is doing this, why not me?  

One may object, we live in a democracy and such a system would be difficult to get rooted in our part of the world. We have recently witnessed the recent general presidential election in the United States. Who would previously have thought that Donald Trumph would win the election? The media portrayed him almost like a clown, but we see today how it went. Nobody took him seriously and no one would have thought that this man would become America’s next president. 

The thing is that many people today calling for change and it seems that most are willing to accept almost anything as long as it is called change. We live in a world overflowing with information, disasters, terrorism and news. All these impressions make us more or less apathetic and indifferent and finally swallows us almost raw despising what is really happening. We have it so good and why should we bother with such things. If we go back to the war, one can also ask: What was it that made Hitler in his time get such power and did almost the whole of Germany with themselves? 

I also find it necessary to remind about how banks in Norway set to cash withdrawals over the counter? Have we as users asked about how this development should go? Older people today have great difficulty getting out their cash as they did for years. They have spared and standing as deposits in banks. 

There are still many people on earth who see that this holocaust will come and it will come perhaps sooner over us than we realize. This system speaks strongly that, this is the antichrist system that is about to come. Naturally, no one with absolute 100% certainty will say that this is the antichrist system that is described in the book of Revelation, but there seems to be a clear indication that this is about to come and it is difficult to explain this compared to what is described in relation to the book of revelation chapter 13. 

This article will be followed up with new articles covering the time of antichrist coming and time on earth, he has been revealed to mankind. All articles will be based on what the Bible says about the time around the antichrist coming. 

Dear friend reading this: The Bible warns us strongly not to take this marking system in our body.